My First look at Kinect SDK

It is not really first look, there have been people hacking Kinect the day, it was launched. If you have not seen the hacks, go to You tube and search Kinect hacks. They bunch of videos on it. Last weekend I attended Kinect for Developers @ Plano, TX. Shawn and gang did excellent job in organizing the event. The speakers were good. The best part was lab. Anyway, if any of you want to learn, head to Microsoft page to download. Hold on the thought on downloading, If you are coming in for the first time, I would recommend wait till February 1st to download the SDK. On Feb 1st, Microsoft is releasing a new version of Kinect and new SDK to go with it. So I would strongly recommend wait and download and start cooking.

I was really impressed with what I have seen and what I was able to accomplish in two days time. In my opinion, if you know XNA and if you are a game developer, you have a great head start since it is easy to add the gestures logic to the code and get input from the there and your code stays the same. If you are XNA developer make sure you go to app hub link.Also if you are a WPF/Silverlight Developer you also have head start. The interesting thing is, Kinect provides another medium of input and there are libraries available that you can use or extend to solve most of the common problems.

I have not decided to buy the Kinect that will be coming out on February 1st yet. I was told there will face reorganization and identify the figures. I think that will change the way we play games.