Elm – Basic Architecture

Before you go head first into building, it is good understand the basic architecture of Elm. Most of the application follows one of the MV* pattern. Elm also follows the pattern in a different way. Elm has three distinct parts in the application

Model: As the name suggests the state of the application. You data model. Model defines and holds the current state of the application.

View: This holds the visual representation of the application, HTML, Think of this as HTML template.

Update:These are the events which triggers change in model state which triggers change in view.

When you look at Elm application, you potentially will have view, model and updates all in single Elm file. During deployment, elm will compile this file and spit out, HTML and Javascript.

With the above architecture, one would always need to have entry point to the application and that is represented by ‘main’. We will see more details how they all fit together tomorrow.


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