Starting out with Elm

Over the next three weeks I am planning to start writing about my journey into creating a crypto currency exchange rates web app using Elm. Two objectives with that,

  1. Learn to program using Elm
  2. Create an exchange application where I can subscribe for notification which I would like to use.

I have been using Elm at very small level for experimental purposes. There are lot of frameworks out there to build highly performing web application. Angular Js, React to name a few front runners. I have developed application using Angular 1.x, haven’t really took the plunge into 2.0 yet. So I will not be comparing any other frameworks. I will be focusing on Elm and for the benefits I will quoting other documents in the web.

There are two reasons why I chose to do my web development using Elm

  1. I am a big fan of functional programming. Elm is pure functional front end framework
  2. Run time errors, Based on my reading, code generated using Elm will not create ugly runtime errors
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