Elm – Gradual Learning

I found this video of Evan Czaplicki’s. For anyone interested in learning Elm, this is a good one to listen to. It is every entertaining and educational at the same time. There are lot of stuff in it but the one thing that caught my eye was ‘Gradual Learning’. Learning to do work in functional language is very difficult for normal programmers. Functional programming is considered theory and it has lot of constraints. The main one sticks out quickly is immutability. For people coming from C# or Java, it is a no go. It is one of the main reason there is not much adoption of functional programming. There are pockets of companies and people building enterprise grade application in functional programming but main stream always found it difficult to adopt.

Coming back to the point which caught my attention ‘Gradual Learning’. If you can get developers going quicker and then build on it over time instead of two month dedicated training will be a big win. For me, Elm provides that and I have experienced it. It is very easy to get started without knowing in and out of FP. You can build simple applications in clean Elm way in five to ten minutes. Compare to when Angular was released, this is steady learning and improving instead of wave of easy to do and then step back and spend time experimenting things before you can hit the next level.

Elm provides lot of boiler plates code for you to get started, over the period you can start to peel the layers and learn under the covers, this provides the satisfaction of progression and learning. You will see that first hand as you go through the tutorials.


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