Starting out in Meteor

Its been a long time, I blogged, I have been very busy at work, learning and doing lot of work on software architecture area like Domain Modeling and understanding overall structure of our application using Struct 101 and other goodies.

I am still learning and developing application on both Angular and CujoJS when I get time.

I am still enjoying cujoJS but for a change and to learn something new I started looking at Meteor framework. By the way, I recommend using Mac to learn Meteor purely because of the support.

As I was progressing through example, I did run into small problems but they are important ones so I though I will document them here for my future reference.

1. Make sure you have mongodb installed.

npm install –g mongodb

2. When you starting out to use Mangodb to get the collection, the collection definition must be outside isClient check like the following

People = new Meteor.Collection(“People”);
if (Meteor.isClient) {
    Template.People.PeopleCollection = function() {
            return People.find();

** Two things to watch out here.

** See there is no var infront of People in collection definition on line (1)

** Make sure the collection definition is outside if condition so that it runs on client and server.

There are ton of great videos, tutorials out there, as I go through them I will try to collect them and put them in a list.


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