angular.js vs cujoJS

I have been using Angular for a while.Few of my friends strongly recommended me to look at the cujoJS. I would never say I am good at Angular, I am still learning and long way to go. On the other hand, I have no idea how cujoJS works. Only exposure I have with respect to cujoJS is that I sat in a presentation. So as you can see I am in no way to make the decision on one over other that quick. I am planning to use my blog site to go over simple example and compare and contract each on of them from these two framework perspective. Now comes the other question why cujoJS why not ember or knockout. Unfortunately, I never spend much on that either. I started using Angular and I was hooked. As a Silverlight programmer I found it so easy to transition into Angular world than the other two. If any of you have any comments on comparing those three or any other frameworks, let me know, I am happy to add them to my list as I start work on cujoJS.

Angular.js and cujoJS both are SPA development framework. One of the main difference I see when I look at both the framework, Angular JS is all encompassing (IoC, Binding, etc.,) framework. I know that is not fully true. In Angular you can use other libraries as well. But compare to cujoJS, Angular looks like it is trying to do lot more things internally while in cujoJS each one has its own JavaScript library. What it means is that, if I don’t like how the binding is done, I could replace cola with something else, well I don’t know if there is another one, but the bottom line is that, these important components are separated out. So you are not married to one huge framework. Component models has its own pros and cons but pros outweigh cons so in that perspective, I think cujoJS implementation is better. That is been said, when you are working in enterprise development, there are couple of important things we need think about, we will have varying level of expertise in the team and we need to make sure, we use less number of components in the development tools set from that aspect Angular is better but then again, it is not a big win for Angular though.

Please disagree with me and I learn from you as well.

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