Silverlight to Angular JS

With heavy and broken heart finally it is time for me to say good bye to one of the best technology that I worked with,  ‘Silverlight’. There is always people argue about the validity and are so happy about the Silverlight demise. In my opinion as a developer, I really enjoyed developing apps in Silverlight. The best part of course was data binding. So simple concept that made the coding very easy and also the separation of view and view model so clean. XAML was so easy to create view without getting too much business and so on. Now we are not talking about Silverlight but the next big thing. It is without doubt HTML5, Microsoft was very quick and wise to adopt it. As the technology progress, it is time for me to make the switch as well. So lately I started poking at various options available today to make the transition into HTML5.

As a silverlight developer, I follow John Papa and he is been promoting Knockout JS. I saw couple of videos and did some coding with it and it looks good. From Silverlight,  it is a natural transition. While Knockout is pretty good, there is another cool kid in the block and is Angular JS. Similar to Knockout, Angular also have great tutorials, decent following in forums. One of the things I was looking for when I started learning Angular of course is data binding and it is rich. I fell in love with it on my second data binding exercise. So I am going to head into HTML5 with Angular for client side development. I have not decided on the server side technologies yet. If any one have any good comments or suggestions please feel free to send me a note or command.

Some good references for Angular:

Home –

Screencasts –

Blogs –

As I move from Silverlight to Angular I found a better IDE to go with it. Webstrom is so far the best IDE I found for angular development.

So my friend ‘Silverlight’ Good Bye.