Use PromptBox to get simple user input in Silverlight

When we create Silverlight application we will run into a situation where we need to get very simple input from a user apart from traditional ok or cancel. If you are after the simple ok or cancel then message box serve the purpose but if you need to get some kind of data from the user as simple as a number or a string, then we do not need to create popup window or child window in Silverlight if you are using component one controls.

Out of the box, component provides a user control called C1PromptBox which as the name suggests, prompt the user for an input and goes on it merry way without cluttering code with complicated code.

Let’s look at this with simple example;

C1PromptBox.Show(“Enter your age”, “Age prompt”, (s, r) =>
If (r ==MessageBoxResult.OK)
//age will be in s, parse the age out
// user pressed cancel

If you expect the last two line to execute after getting user input, then if condition has to be inside the C1PromoptBox.Show bot outside like the code shown

above. The proper way to write the code

In the above example, when the code executes it will prompt the small message box to enter the age and you parse or handle the value on the event user press ok button.

One thing we need to be mindful, the Show event is a delegate so if you have any instructions that need to execute after prompt is successful, it has to be inside the MessageBoxResult.OK condition not outside the show delegate since UI will take control back after show event is successful.

Here is a scenario;

  1. public void PromptAge()
  2. {
  3. int age = 0;
  4. C1PromptBox.Show(… get age);
  5. if (age <= 30)
  6. HandleLessThanThirtyAge();
  7. }

In the above example we are expecting the dialog to be shown for user to enter the age. After the user enters the age, line 05 gets control and executes HandlesLessThanThirtyAge method if the age is less than or equal to 30. But that is not how it works. When PromptAge executes, it execute prompt box and while it wait for user to enter something, the UI thread continues and executes 05 through so age will be always 0 and it never executes the method on 06. The reason for that is, the behavior on how to handle ok or cancel is delegate inside the prompt box. So for it work properly. ie, after user enters the ages, get the age and based on the age to execute the HandleLessThanThirtyAge, we need to move the if condition inside the PromptBox delegate itself as shown below

  1. public void PromptAge()
  2. {
  3. C1PromptBox.Show("msg", "prompt", (s, r) =>
  4. {
  5. if (r == MessageBoxResult.OK)
  6. {
  7. //parse age from s
  8. if (age <= 30)
  9. HandleLessThanThirtyAge()
  10. }
  11. };
  12. }
One of the feature missing in this is default value for the prompt, I requested this feature with Component One and it is schedule be part of their feature release. By providing most commonly used value as default value, we could save one key stoke for the user. Once the feature is available I will update this blog.

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