Load operation failed for Query ‘X’ – Silverlight/EF

So I was given a project to debug and I started to debug and I got the infamous and more detailed error message from EF/WCF that ‘Load operation failed for Query ‘X’’. In my case this happened at the entry point at our authentication service itself. I know the code of authentication inside out so I added the existing project and start debug. I couldn’t debug and keep getting the same weird error message. So I went to our trusty friend Google and asked the question and vola there are bunch of posting on the same error message. The one really liked was from stack overflow. Even if you never got the error message but I would recommend reading the answer by John Nicholas. The reason for that is even though he did not give answer to the problem, he explained in two ways how you can tackle the problem. I took the short cut and enabled the WCF trace to see what is happening and the stack trace gave exact failing point at the server side and I was able to resolve the problem and keep moving. The sad part was the exception happened at the server side was specific bug in the code, but when we get the error message the message was not very obvious to track it down.With WCF tracing enabled it is easy to figure out what is happening at the server side fast and easy and right to the point.


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