Solving ‘unable to open site’ in WebMatrix

As you all know, I have been working with Web matrix for last month or so. I find it very easy to develop web sites and manage web sites. One thing, I started to like more is the ability to launch Visual Studio from web matrix. Now back to the problem at hand. I downloaded a web site template from dream template web site since I am not good at any kind of design aspect of it.  It downloaded the full template including the style sheets and bunch of htmls. First thing you have to remember to do is to unblock the zip files before extracting all the files. Once you unblock and extracted. If you would launch Web Matrix and try to open the site with ‘open site from folder’, it will not open the site, I tried opening existing web sites using that open and it does not open. I tried coping the files around to see if it might be because of the directory placement etc., nothing worked. Finally I opened the Web Matrix in admin mode and try opening the sites and all opened properly without any problems. So I guess IISExpress might be blocking opening files from locations that is not opened in admin mode. Anyway, if any of you run into this problem, try opening it as Admin mode you should be all set.

One thing I noticed, even though I was able to open the web sites with this model, my changes does not reflect on the pages, that is something I am working on. It might be as simple as this problem. If I find something new like this, I will post it here.


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