Windows Phone over Starwars MMO

After a long wait, I was finally able to login and play Star wars MMO, I was so psyched. I logged in and created my first Sith toon then I logged out since I have to go and learn and do some cool stuff in Windows Phone 7, how about that? So here I am at Microsoft and started my Windows Phone 7 application that I wanted to develop for some time. I never get time to do Windows Phone since I was doing few other things in my spare time. So here are the things, I got recommended by Microsoft to get started on Windows Phone development and thought I share it with you all and as a book mark for my future reference.

Code Samples

Silverlight Toolkit

“How do I” videos

Design Resources

Download free e-book for Windows Phone 7

Chirs is hosting the event and he has a fantastic blog and resources for Windows Phone development. I have been using Jounce for all my Silverlight development so obviously I decided to used Ultralight.MVVM. I keep you all posted on my progress on the application that I am developing.


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