Component One Silverlight FlexGrid Tip 5 (Group Summary Row positioning)

Continuing on from the previous tip on grouping, we go one step further. When we generate the grouping, Component One provides couple of options to how to render them. Well there are 3 to be precise. Component One have a property called ‘GroupRowPosition’. Which lets the developer to position the group row on top of the group or below the group or don’t show the group altogether.

1. GroupRowPosition=’AboveData’

<c1:C1FlexGrid Name="flexGrid" ItemsSource="{Binding PeopleCollection}" AutoGenerateColumns="False" GroupRowPosition="AboveData" >

As the name suggests, on UI rendering, C1 will place the group summary information above the data as shown below


If you do not provide this option in the grid, this is the default behavior.

2. GroupRowPosition=’BelowData’

<c1:C1FlexGrid Name="flexGrid" ItemsSource="{Binding PeopleCollection}" AutoGenerateColumns="False" GroupRowPosition="BelowData" >

This forces the summary row to show at the bottom of the group row. This is similar to Excel, when you group, you have an option to render the summary row at the bottom.


3. GroupRowPosition=’None’

<c1:C1FlexGrid Name="flexGrid" ItemsSource="{Binding PeopleCollection}" AutoGenerateColumns="False" GroupRowPosition="None" >

Not sure why you would do that but it is available. With this option the group row is removed but the grouping is still in place.


If you are requirements needs lots of grouping and want to create grouping and look and feel like Excel, please have a loot at C1FlexGridExcel control which is derived off of C1FlexGrid control. Which by fault look like Excel.


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