Unit Testing in Silverlight – Continuing the path

In my previous blog I talked about few starter pointers for Silverlight Unit Testing. Hopefully you have converted all your Silverlight application fully testable by now. Now comes the next question, by default when you run the Silverlight test, it launches the web page and perform the test. It is all good and well as long as you are in your development environment, what if you want to run your tests as a part of your Continuous Integration (CI). There is a solution for that.

Fortunately I follow Jeremy Likness blog and some time back he wrote a blog about a open source project called Statlight. So today’s tip, if you want to run your Silverlight test as a part of CI, download and run Statlight. Please read Jeremy’s blog, he explains how to run Statight, so I am not going to duplicate that effort.


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