Do you have NuGet? if not GoGet

I use Jounce as MVVM framework for my development. Earlier I used to download the latest version put it in some reference folder and let my application reference that folder. All was working good till I found NuGet. NuGet is a open source package management system. Never used a package manager before in my VS development so never bothered about it till now. It is easy to get started with NuGet, go to the link and install the NuGet.

For testing, lets create a new Silverlight application project. Next I want to add a jounce reference. There is a better way to create Jounce project that I will explain later. When you right click on the project, you will see a drop down with following options


Lets select the last option and then choose Online in the left most options as shown below.


What I want to install is Jounce, since I know the name I search directly using the search option on the top right hand corner and it will take us to the package directly.


Now if you install it, it will create the package folder in the solution and adds the references to the solution with local reference. That is it. I really like NuGet on this perspective it is very easy to find and add correct references in the solution.

Now going back to the first point, what is the better way to add Jounce solution, of course using Jounce template. Go to Jounce Codeplex page


and install the template. Now create a new project and again, search for Jounce at the top right hand corner which will take you directly to Jounce template and create you project and you are set.


Thats all about it.


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