Can you see now – Bing maps

This will be a short post.

Nowadays if we want to find a location or driving direction we use internet maps. I am always fascinated by the complexity of the maps. Even though they are just two co-ordinates, Altitude and latitude.   I have seen application which has integrated maps in it. recently I came across a blog which took me to bing map sdk. I was thrilled to see the SDK to use Bing map inside. Anyone who ever wanted to learn how to integrate map inside the application, that is your solution.

Lately all experiments I am doing, is done in Silverlight, it is way to educate myself on Silverlight. So I started binging to see if there is a way I can use the maps in Silverlight and here it is. To my surprise with in 30 minutes I was able to get everything running and have my first program showing maps.

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